A podcast series by De Correspondent, a dutch independent journalism platform, where I illustrated the cover of each episode.
In this podcast series, the idea is to shine a spotlight on the hidden world of our freight shipping. The global economy as we know it would not have existed without the container. Ninety percent of our stuff comes off a container ship. Yet we hardly know how container ships operate, who owns them, who works on them, and who makes money from them. And shipping - the engine of our polluting economic system - is not mentioned in the climate agreement. How is it possible that the world of freight shipping is so invisible to us?
The podcast will consist of four episodes, each centering around one main question: 
1. How has the container changed our lives? Maite and Maaike (Authors) analyse the world wide transportation system that was built around the container. 
2. Who pays the price for this system? An episode focusing on the working conditions of people in the shipping industry. 
3. Who pays the price for this system? An episode about the impact of the shipping industry on our climate.
4. Is this system sustainable? An episode about possible innovations of the shipping industry and the extent to which these innovations are realisable. 
Episode #1 - Large scale
Episode #2 - The best helmsmen are ashore
Episode #3 - Pump or drown
Episode #4 - Out of the box​​​​​​​
Narrator: Maite Vermeulen
Research: Maite Vermeulen & Maaike Goslinga
Editing and audio editing: Jacco Prantl / Julius van IJperen
Mixing: Julius van IJperen
Fact check: Riffy Bol
Design: Sjors Rigters

Illustrations: Seba Cestaro
Art direction: Isabelle van Hemert
Development: Sterre Sprengers
Final editing: Jelena Barišić
Coaching: Mirke Kist
Transcribing: Robin Eggens
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